10 Facts About Me

Yes I’m really doing this. Bonus Update (Reason at the end of this post)

Boring? I know. Unoriginal? For sure. But I’m doing it anyway. *cringe, literally, Bree, no one even cares*

1. I am a bookworm

2. I am a serious swimmer

3. I have eaten eel *not impressive* and the five most poisonous snakes in the form of soup *still not that impressive, Bree*

4. I love music and currently am obsessed with La La Land’s soundtrack along with Hamilton’s

5. I am thirteen *not some creepy 50 year old man trying to sound like a girl*

6. I am a girl *What a surprise*

7. I have a sister who is the only one who can actually get under my skin *In my next post you will see why ;)*

8. I love chocolate, gummy bears, and cats

9. I go to Chinese school *don’t like it, but I do it anyway*

10. I am too small for my age of thirteen *underweight (off the charts) and only 4 ft. 10″*

There you go. Hope you liked it!

Also, my name is Bree. 🙂

P.S. Today I turned 13!




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