Minute Muse

*I’m so sorry I’m late! Busy with my Chinese exam – but that’s no excuse, I know.*

When you die over that Beauty and the Beast new movie soundtrack. *wiggles eyebrows* I know you all have that 13 year old fan girl inside you.


Scenario Snapthoughts

When I’m showering, typically after swim practice

Are dreams secretly our wishes? Are nightmares secretly our worst fears?

P.S. Sorry I’m a day late!

I’m thinking of making it Sunday or Monday . . .

Scenario Snapthoughts

Introduction: In the most random scenarios, I always have deep, random thoughts. *I know, I’m such a deep person. ;)* So I thought I’d make this a series. Enjoy!

At night, when I’m making my bed

“If someone offered me a world of rainbows and unicorns, I’d say no, because the key to happiness is accepting our world for what it is.”

– Me

There. I don’t know where that came from. It’s probably very weird, but you don’t evenĀ know the ones I have when I’m about to get into the pool during swim practice.