My Crazy Dream Involved . . . Green Tea?

Now, wait a second. Just to be clear, I don’t like tea. I don’t drink tea. So why did I dream about tea? TBH, I don’t know. But my dream was pretty crazy – even if I don’t remember all of it.

I remember I had to drink green tea or something, and another scene where there were these three teas that I had to choose which I liked better. Apparently they poured it over some rice thingy?

I remember the first tea was black, and the rice thingy turned black. Then the other woman poured a clearish yellowish one OVER the black one and the free rice thingy. And I remember thinking to myself – what a wonderful woorld . . . no JK, but I remember thinking: “OH NO! Now I won’t taste pure black! Now I’ll taste this other tea!”

In the moment, it seemed like the biggest crisis of my life. Looking back, I realize, maybe not so much. But that was weird.

Like, why tea? I don’t even like tea! I think the rice thingy was brown rice. Maybe that’s a sign – brown rice doesn’t go well with tea.

So, the moral of my dream is: Brown rice doesn’t go well with tea.

Maybe I should be a dream interpreter.


Blogitorial – EARBUDS EXPOSED (Plot Twist)

So, you’re going to read this and you’re going to be like, “girl, did you not already know this?”

And I’m gonna be like nodding, “mm-hmm.”

So here’s the new Blogitorial – EARBUDS EXPOSED


Did you know that earbuds aren’t supposed to go in your actual ear hole?

I KNOW! ME TOO! Earbuds would always fall out of my ears and I would be like:

First of all, ow, this is hurting my ears. Well no duh, I’m trying to shove them in my earhole! *is there a scientific word for that? Probably. I’m too lazy to search it up . . . oh, that’s what it is, external auditory meatus. (Wait . . . meatus?)*

So I’d always trying to shove it into my external auditory meatus. And OW, that hurt. Plus, it would always fall out. So I thought my ears were just too small.


Until, today, my mom showed me the right way. Not on purpose. Turns out, it’s supposed to go in your cartilage part! OH MY GOD! It’s supposed to fit in that little cave of cartilage next to your external auditory meatus! O.M.G.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit in a corner and cry because my whole 13 years of life have been wasted using big, bulky, headphones.


Although one part of me is smiling – my external auditory meatus. 😉

Scenario Snapthoughts

*Making up for last last Sunday*

Doing my math homework. I saw this problem talking about a patio . . . 

If ratio and patio are spelled the same way, why is ratio pronounced, “Ray – shi – o”, and patio is pronounced, “pah – tee – o”?

And why do minuses get to overpower pluses? Like, who made up that rule? *also, I know that there is a mathematical explanation behind it but still! Favoritism, much?*

P.S. Is favoritism a word? Yes, right?