Blogitorial – EARBUDS EXPOSED (Plot Twist)

So, you’re going to read this and you’re going to be like, “girl, did you not already know this?”

And I’m gonna be like nodding, “mm-hmm.”

So here’s the new Blogitorial – EARBUDS EXPOSED


Did you know that earbuds aren’t supposed to go in your actual ear hole?

I KNOW! ME TOO! Earbuds would always fall out of my ears and I would be like:

First of all, ow, this is hurting my ears. Well no duh, I’m trying to shove them in my earhole! *is there a scientific word for that? Probably. I’m too lazy to search it up . . . oh, that’s what it is, external auditory meatus. (Wait . . . meatus?)*

So I’d always trying to shove it into my external auditory meatus. And OW, that hurt. Plus, it would always fall out. So I thought my ears were just too small.


Until, today, my mom showed me the right way. Not on purpose. Turns out, it’s supposed to go in your cartilage part! OH MY GOD! It’s supposed to fit in that little cave of cartilage next to your external auditory meatus! O.M.G.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit in a corner and cry because my whole 13 years of life have been wasted using big, bulky, headphones.


Although one part of me is smiling – my external auditory meatus. 😉


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