Hot Potato

Hot Potato is like a minute thought type of thingy.

My armpit is the ONE POKING-PLACE you are NOT allowed to POKE! I THOUGHT I made myself CLEAR!


SPOILER ALERT: La La Land Opinions

SPOILERS ALERT: If you haven’t watched it then don’t read this. But I’ll be posting another post for you poor people. WATCH IT SERIOUSLY!

Now I LOVE the movie La La Land. I like kind of memorized all the songs. Kind of maybe might of.

And I have some spec-oo-lay-shi-owns. Oh-pin-nee-oowns.

First of all, that ending. It was a plot twist but I think that makes it unique. That the girl didn’t end up with the boy. I think that is a unique and interestingly uncommon ending that almost never happens in romance movies.

Sure, maybe I’d have liked it if they got together but I think that’s an interesting plot twist.

Secondly, these songs and these synchronized dancing? SLAY ME.

Also, recently I’ve been using L’oreal (is that how you spell it?) shampoo, and girl, my hair is looking NICE. 😉


Because It’s Pubic, Not Public, Right?

So recently I went to a debate tournament with my partner. We were doing the Public Forum event, and won low-key undefeated but you know, normal stuff.

Because this was a small tournament, we got a certificate with a gold star meaning undefeated. Wow. How grand. But anyway, that’s not the point. If I remember what the point was, that is. . .

Anyway, when your brain thinks something will be there, it automatically fills it in. The tournament was three days ago, and today my dad noticed something. It said, “Pubic Forum Event”

Pubic Forum Event.

Pubic Forum Event.

Because it’s totally pubic and not public, right?