10 Facts About Me

Yes I’m really doing this. Bonus Update (Reason at the end of this post)

Boring? I know. Unoriginal? For sure. But I’m doing it anyway. *cringe, literally, Bree, no one even cares*

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A.K.A Single Awareness Day

Bonus Update

This name I got from my math teacher, who I am relatively sure has a girlfriend, because I was told last year all he talked about was his girlfriend . . . now he’s really grumpy . . . but he was smiling today . . . I don’t know.

Single Awareness Day was his “joke”, I guess.

You know the history behind it: The  St. Valentine guy and the execution because he secretly married people so men would not have to go to war. How he wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter signed, “Your Valentine” that started the holiday and the first love letters were sent by some captured king something.

I learned this all in history class, and the introduction was so weird. *literally so weird*. It said something like, “Valentine’s day, the day for couples to give each other gifts and for single people to wish it was over.” And I was like, what??

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