SPOILER ALERT: La La Land Opinions

SPOILERS ALERT: If you haven’t watched it then don’t read this. But I’ll be posting another post for you poor people. WATCH IT SERIOUSLY!

Now I LOVE the movie La La Land. I like kind of memorized all the songs. Kind of maybe might of.

And I have some spec-oo-lay-shi-owns. Oh-pin-nee-oowns.

First of all, that ending. It was a plot twist but I think that makes it unique. That the girl didn’t end up with the boy. I think that is a unique and interestingly uncommon ending that almost never happens in romance movies.

Sure, maybe I’d have liked it if they got together but I think that’s an interesting plot twist.

Secondly, these songs and these synchronized dancing? SLAY ME.

Also, recently I’ve been using L’oreal (is that how you spell it?) shampoo, and girl, my hair is looking NICE. 😉



How To Overcome Sunday Night Blues

I’m not even kidding, people. It’s a real thing – go search it up.

. . .

Done? Good. Now we can get started.

You all know what I’m saying, right? It typically occurs around 4:00 pm, mainly affecting nine-to-five workers and students, and makes you feel terrible.

But you know what? This blog isn’t to complain, or whine – we are choosing to be positive uniclouds. *Like a unicorn but a unicloud cause of the blog name, you know . . .*

So here’s the guide of overcoming Sunday Night Blues.

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Breakfast Dilemmas

Disclaimer *or something like that*: I just realized that although I know how to crack eggs, bla bla bla, my mom still thinks I’m too young to handle the stove by myself. This means part of it is up to her and sometimes she says no but most often it’s all cool.

Anyway . . .

You know what I’m saying right? When it’s a bright and sunny (or not so sunny right now) Sunday morning, and you’re just like, “Ahh, what should I have for breakfast?”

Wow, what a way to darken your sunny skies.

See, this may sound really weird *we’ve all established that I’m weird already, so it’s all good* but to me, food is life, and when I can’t decide what to eat because I have so many choices – yeah, I’m going to stop here.

Like, who can decide between crepes *actually I used to and still do have that almost every other weekend*, pancakes *same thing*, or french toast *which is now becoming a thing*?

But for today, my mind is at peace.

I chose french toast.


Swimming vs. Biking?

*Bonus update*

This is in dedication to my dad who ignited the spark within me. No one trash-talks swimming in front of me and gets away with it! *actually they can, but that’s not the point! … What was the point?*

It all started with a conversation in the car riding home from swim practice.

“Biking is better than swimming because you can glide.”

Let me break this down for you, okay? *all that sass*

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