Blogitorial – Hair Conditioner EXPOSED

Editorials are for the opinion, right? Like whatever you want, right?

Well, this is my opinion on Hair Conditioner

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Scenario Snapthoughts

*Making up for last last Sunday*

Doing my math homework. I saw this problem talking about a patio . . . 

If ratio and patio are spelled the same way, why is ratio pronounced, “Ray – shi – o”, and patio is pronounced, “pah – tee – o”?

And why do minuses get to overpower pluses? Like, who made up that rule? *also, I know that there is a mathematical explanation behind it but still! Favoritism, much?*

P.S. Is favoritism a word? Yes, right?

Minute Muse

*I’m so sorry I’m late! Busy with my Chinese exam – but that’s no excuse, I know.*

When you die over that Beauty and the Beast new movie soundtrack. *wiggles eyebrows* I know you all have that 13 year old fan girl inside you.

Scenario Snapthoughts

Introduction: In the most random scenarios, I always have deep, random thoughts. *I know, I’m such a deep person. ;)* So I thought I’d make this a series. Enjoy!

At night, when I’m making my bed

“If someone offered me a world of rainbows and unicorns, I’d say no, because the key to happiness is accepting our world for what it is.”

– Me

There. I don’t know where that came from. It’s probably very weird, but you don’t even¬†know the ones I have when I’m about to get into the pool during swim practice.